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2010 Year in Review: At the Cinema

While it may just look like numbers, for a Mathematician such as myself, it means so much more than just figures. All of the references to 'films watched' below refer to 'films watched in the theatre only'. Nothing I saw on DVD, TV, Pay per view, Online etc were included. While anything seen in the theatre, outdoor cinema, at a film festival or special screening are included. 

I hope you find it interesting. 2010 was a crazily busy year for me so I only managed to see half as many films as I did in 2009, but probably saw many more outside of the theatre that are too numerous to even count!

My 2010 Cinema Going Analysis

"Fantastic Mr. Fox", the 1st film I saw in 2010

Films Watched Statistics
58 films seen / 365 days =1 film every 6 days
1st film watched: 2nd day of the year ("Fantastic Mr. Fox")
Last film watched: 357th day of the year ("The Messenger")
Most consecutive days having watched a film: 4 (27 July - 30 July)
Most consecutive days having not watched a film: 64 (2 May - 5 July)
Most films watched in 1 day: 4 (twice)
No. of different venues in a row: 17
No. of same venue in a row: 5 (Palace Chauvel)

"Bran Nue Dae", the 1st Australian film I saw in 2010

Films Watched By Country
20 films: USA
9 films: Australia
4 films: France, Canada
3 films: Japan
2 films: South Korea, China, Germany
1 film: Thailand, Malaysia, Iran, India, Spain, Italy, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Mexico

Films Watched By Region
25 films: North & Central America
12 films: Europe
11 films: Asia
10 films: Oceania
0 films: Africa, South America

"Cell 211", the lone Spanish film I saw in 2010

Films Watched By Month
17 films: July
9 films: February
7 films: November
6 films: March
5 films: January
4 films: August
3 films: April, December
2 films: September
1 film: May, October
0 films: June (Due to my World Cup trip to South Africa June was a barren month for me, and I have decided not to include the 8 films I watch on the plane trip to Joburg and back).

Films Watched by Season
21 films: Winter
17 films: Summer
10 films: Spring, Autumn

"Same Same But Different", the single film I saw in the month of May

Films Watched By Venue
10 films: Event George Street
8 films: Palace Chauvel
6 films: Palace Verona, Dendy Opera Quays, Forum Theare
3 films: ACMI, Greater Union Melbourne City
2 films: Hoyts Broadway, Event Castle Hill, AFTRS, Palace Academy Twin
1 film: Dendy Newtown, Hoyts Cinema Paris, Reading Rouse Hill, Palace Kino, Sony Theatrette, Hayden Orpheum, Moonlight Cinema, Govindas

Films Watched By State
45 films: New South Wales
13 films: Victoria

"A Serious Man", my lone Govindas experience

Films Watched By Country
58 films: Australia

Films Watched By Exhibitor
17 films: Palace Cinemas
15 films: Village Roadshow
7 films: Dendy Cinemas, Art Deco Theatres
5 films: Academic & Government Institutes
3 films: Hoyts Cinemas
1 film: Reading Cinemas, Outdoor Cinemas, Restaurant & Bar Theatres, Distributor Theatrette

 "The Blues Brothers", a classic experience at Moonlight Cinema

I do have another blog in drafts that has a mini-review of many of those 58 films, but it will take some time to edit and publish! Maybe by the end of 2012!

Kieran Tully
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