Saturday, September 1, 2012

Korean Film Log: August

Well there was no Korean film log in July as I got busy with the film festival and didnt managed to catch anything, but the monthly blog returns for August as I rewatched a few films in the theatre during KOFFIA itself. Some where a bit different watching on the big screen with an audience, and so the rating for them more so reflects the experience i had watching them on this occasion. Enjoy!

Korean Film Log 2012
31 films in January (#1-31)
3 films in February (#32-34)
7 films in March (#35-41)
16 films in April (#42-57)
5 films in May (#58-62)
7 films in June (#63-69)
4 films in August (#70-73)


70. In Another Country (다른 나라에서)