Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Look Back: My 1st Interview

As a bit of a celebration of Tully's Recall hitting the milesonte of 10,000 views (thanks for following!), I decided to look back at my first ever radio interview. It was probably the first occassion that made me realise that my journey into the world of Korean cinema was actually happening, and was thus quite daunting!

 Pic from my interview in 2011, but you get the point :)

It was great to get it done though, and made me start to believe that I did actually know something about Korean film! Thanks to the lovely Jenna Yoon at SBS Radio for the file, which you can download here. (4 mins long)

It's interesting even for myself to listen to, hearing how I had no idea how to pronounce the Director's names back in the day, how things have changed (I hope!). Thanks everyone for reading (and listening) and I hope to keep content coming throughout the year. 

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