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2011 Year in Review: At the Cinema

So continuing on from 2010, where I analysed my cinema going habits, I am taking a look back at what I saw in the cinema once more. All of the references to 'films watched' below refer to 'films watched in the theatre only'. Nothing I saw on DVD, TV, Pay per view, Online etc were included. While anything seen in the theatre, outdoor cinema, at a film festival or special screening are included.

In 2010 I only managed to see half as many films compared to what I saw in 2009, and well in 2011 I've done the exact same thing. To see my reviews of the films check out the film log. While it may just look like numbers, for a Mathematician such as myself, it means so much more than just figures. Here are some of the related posts you may want to check out.

2010 Year in Review: Film Log
2010 Year in Review: At the Cinema
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2011 Year in Review: Film Log
2011 Year in Review: At the Cinema
2011 Year in Review: Top 10

My 2011 Cinema Going Analysis

"Blue Valentine", the 1st film I saw in 2011

Films Watched Statistics
58 films seen / 365 days = 1 film every 6 days (Exact same figure as in 2010!)
1st film watched: 18th day of the year ("Blue Valentine")
Last film watched: 356th day of the year ("Drive")
Most consecutive days having watched a film: 8 (8th June - 15th June)
Most consecutive days having not watched a film: 47 (19th June - 5th August)
Most films watched in 1 day: 5 (once, 13th June)

The first and last films I saw in 2011 star Ryan Gosling .... thanks Suupatrout!

"Sleeping Beauty", the 1st Australian film I saw in 2011

Films Watched By Country
18 films: USA
17 films: South Korea
6 films: UK
2 films: France, Australia, Thailand, Spain
1 film: China, Japan, Vietnam, Iran, New Zealand, Canada, Albania, Germany, South Africa

A big increase in my consumption of Korean cinema, and a big decrease in consumption of Australian cinema!

Films Watched By Region
23 films: Asia
19 films: North & Central America
12 films: Europe
3 films: Oceania
1 films: Africa
0 films: South America

Probably the 1st ever year in my life that the most amount of films I've seen in the theatre don't come from North America, but in this case Asia. Yay asia!

"The Forgiveness of Blood", the lone Albanian film I saw in 2011

Films Watched By Month
18 films: June
12 films: October
8 films: August
7 films: February
4 films: January
3 films: March
2 films: April
1 films: May, September, November, December
0 films: July

In 2010 I saw 0 films in June, and 17 in July, quite the opposite in 2011!

Films Watched by Season
26 films: Winter
14 films: Spring
12 films: Summer
6 films: Autumn

A much more balanced year than 2010. 

"Pina 3D", the single 3D film I saw in 2011

Films Watched By Venue
11 films: State Theatre
10 films: Event George Street
5 films: Megabox Haeundae
4 films: Dendy Opera Quays, Greater Union Melbourne City 
3 films: Moonlight Cinema, Busan Cinema Centre, CGV Centum City
2 films: Palace Verona, Forum Theare, GOMA, Korean Cultural Office
1 film: Sydney Opera House, Hoyts Entertainment Quarter, St. George Open Air Cinema, Bondi Open Air, Palace Kino, ACMI, Lotte Cinema Centum City

A great turn around from 2010, with Palace dropping way off.

Films Watched By Region
36 films: New South Wales
12 films: Busan
8 films: Victoria
2 films: Queensland

Oooooh films from 3 states :) Maybe 4 this year!

Films Watched By Country
46 films: Australia
12 films: South Korea

Probably quite sad that 21% of all films I saw in the theatre were seen in Korea, considering I was only there for 2 weeks of the year!

"127 Hours", my 1st ever St. George Open Air cinema experience

My Top 10 is now up also, so check it out :) Will any of these factors effect my reviews??? You will have to read it to check! (ie probably not).

Kieran Tully

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