Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inside Out Busan: Live on the Radio!

While travelling to my first Busan International Film Festival in 2011, I received a request to take part in a local radio interview (Thanks for the recommendation, Darcy!). Basically the show had heard I was in town and that I was researching about Korean film and Korean film downunder, and swiftly hooked me up with an interview. After days of rescheduling, it was my time to take the plunge!

As the station's slogan suggests, it is covering the "English wave" coming in to Korea, rather intriguing given that I was researching the "Korean wave" coming in to English speaking territories. While a 30 minute live interview was daunting, and finding the station in the ever darkening sky of Busan by myself was a major challenge, I made in on time and had a blast.

Thanks to the team at Busan EFM, and host Tim Chatellier. Oh and yeah I love Shin Seunghun, so sue me! (I actually got to see him play live in Sydney in early 2011, which was great). See below for a link to the interview via a streaming service, or you can download the show as a file here.

Interview - 10th October, 2011 - Busan


*Special invitation : Australian Marketing & Festival Manager Mr. Kieran Tully

*팀 가라사대 : 가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다
- 내가 하는 말이 아름다워야 상대방으로부터 좋은 말을 듣게 된다는 뜻으로 작가 먼저 남에게 잘 대해주어야 남도 자기에게 잘 대해 준다는 말
- The proverb says that the things that I say should be in a good manner in order to hear nice words from other people. So apparently, it means that you need to treat people nicely if you want to be treated nice too. 

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