Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Observing Kim Ki-duk Part 2: The Trailer

As I have not yet had the time to get around to the 2nd full entry into my analysis of Kim Ki-duk, (you can read part 1 here), I've decided to put together a quick entry to hopefully get you into thinking more about his career and auteur style. Inspired by Christopher J. Wheeler's poster montage seen here, I thought I would compile together something similar.

Christopher is a KOFFIA Blog contributor and HanCinema reviewer
Below are the trailers for the 18 films (16 as Director, 2 as Writer) of Kim Ki-duk's career. I encourage you to watch them all. Some are scenes as trailers were not available, some have no English subtitles but that shouldn't stop you from watching them, as with most Kim Ki-duk films, dialogue is sparse.

Hopefully for those who have not seen some of these films it will help you shape your own opinion on Kim Ki-duk before reading about my views on this blog. Also included is the just released trailer for his latest Cannes effort, "Arirang". I think that analysing Kim Ki-duk at a time that Kim is infact analysing himself ("Arirang" is a documentary about Kim Ki-duk, starring Kim Ki-duk, directed by Kim Ki-duk, and covers his struggles to make film) is quite intriguing!

So watch on, and I promise Part 3 will be coming soon!

Kim Ki-duk: The Trailer

1. Crocodile, 1996 (Scene only, No subs)

2. Wild Animals, 1996 (Scene only)

3. The Birdcage Inn, 1998 (Scene only)

4. The Isle, 2000 (No Subs)

5. Real Fiction, 2000 (No Subs)

6. Address Unknown, 2001 (No Subs)

7. Bad Guy, 2001

8. The Coast Guard, 2002 (No Subs)

9. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...and Spring, 2003

10. Samaritan Girl, 2004 (No Subs)

11. 3-Iron, 2004

12. The Bow, 2005

13. Time, 2006

14. Breath, 2007 (No Subs)

15. Beautiful, 2008 (No Subs)

16. Rough Cut, 2008

17. Dream, 2008

18. Arirang, 2011

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